What Is Om Telolet Om ?


om telolet om DJ marshmello Taken from Google Images

Om Telolet Om (also known as #OmTeloletOm) is a phenomenon in which the children and adolescents ask the bus driver to honk the bus that has been modified into a rhythm.This phenomenon entered the realm of the internet and social media that later became famous when teenagers disturb social media accounts of public figures such as Donald Trump, Marshmello, Firebeatz, Dillon Francis, Cash Cash, as well as other public figures by dividing the phenomenon of “Om Telolet Om “through the comments field directly. ┬áThis phenomenon is then treated with a variety of musical arrangements made by the disjoki, then published through their social media accounts and is played in a mass concert. One music concert that is Life in Color Miami announced that “Telolet Om Om” is the theme of their secrets


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